There is a vast difference in buying and selling a home and industrial and commercial property.  How can someone be an expert in both?.  By working diligently in both areas and understanding that one of the greatest assets a business has is its workforce.  I have been able to integrate both these facets into my business by having a team of associates skilled in working with large groups of transferred workers coming to our area relocating with there employer.  From the CEO to the labor pool, we are able to find stunning homes at affordable prices.

Because of my business and financial background, I have found that I am uniquely qualified to provide the path that leads to the succesful marketing and sale of industrial and commercial properties.  My clients range from multi-national companies looking for manufacturing facilities to the sale of small town office supply stores.

By giving common sense advise as well as using my experience and the knowledge gained from earning an MBA, I have been able to facilitate the sale and lease of numerious properties in the State of Florida..

I can help you: relocate your business; work with the State and County leaders in economic development incentives; and find homes for you and your employees.  Through my affiliation with the workforce development board we can help you find qualified personal already trained , or they can provide a training program designed specifically for your company.